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tv   News  ABC  November 30, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EST

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friday night they lost a football game, sunday they lost a son. a 17-year-old died as police set to charge the driver with drunk driving. turkey, dressy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. nothing left but a decision to make. will the jury decide the mayor's fate this monday? what led a little girl to look to the ground that she was walking on. a really cool story just ahead on this monday morning. the last day of november. thanks for joining us. all right, how are you feeling? ravens come by with a big win against the steelers. let's find out about our
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weather. here's wyatt in for justin this morning. >> we're looking at a decent start here. not bad at all. beautiful sunday out here. changes throughout the day today. that's the best word to describe changes on the way. we do have, temperatures wise now, down in the low 50s. these numbers don't move much today because of the clouds out there, we are watching this big line of wet weather pushing in from the west. going to take a while to get here. towards lunch time today, watch out for wet weather. by this evening, you'll feel the difference temperature-wise. hovering in the low 50s. temperatures falling off this afternoon. and falling off pretty sharply tonight. down to 34 degrees by daybreak. we'll be a chilly one with showers lingering into the evening. what's that commute look like this morning? kim brown standing by. >> thanks a lot. traffic is looking pretty good
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around the area. we have volume building and some of the usual trouble spots on the outer loop between providence road and belair road. southbound 95 is looking good through the wash boulevard area. we have road hazards to let you know about. charles street closed due to an earlier water main break. baltimore national pike. traffic lights are out. use caution there. you'll see wires down in catonsville. wires down in laurel, whiskey bottom road. both of these intersections are closed at this hour. here's the jfx and cold spring lane. jamie and megan, back to you. we have breaking news out of washington state. a suspect in the coffee shop slayings of four officers is holed up at a seattle house. he is wounded, possibly dead. pierce county sheriffs spokesman says negotiators are still trying to communicate with
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maurice clemens. authorities have been seeking clemens in the deaths of four lakewood police officers gunned down in a parkland coffee shop sunday morning. they believe the gunman may have been wounded by one of the victims. 6:34 right now. a 17-year-old football star player from howard county is killed. the apparent victim of a drunk driver. >> he was liked by everybody. sheryl connor spoke with his mother. >> reporter: a mailbox is knocked down and a mom is trying to comprehend the pain. >> i lost my heart. i don't know how you get through that one. >> reporter: you can see the skid marks left behind from a pick-up truck that hit stone pillars before it flipped over. howard county police say 17-year-old steven dankos a
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defensive laneman was killed. >> we heard the crash and heard them screaming for help. >> reporter: calls to 911 went out around 3:00 sunday morning. 22-year-old david erdman ii was driving drunk. his brother, 17-year-old thomas erdman was released from shock trauma. >> my heart breaks for them both. they're the ones that have to live with the pain until we all meet again in heaven. >> reporter: friends gathered around his mother to mourn and take a hard look. >> it gives another outlook to what we do when we go out and party with our friends. >> reporter: from a grieving mom, there's no blame. >> as far as the person driving, that boy's going to have punishment enough. >> still so many lives changed in a split second.
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>> you hug them if you have a doubt, if you have one doubt in your mind, don't let them out that door. >> david erdman will be charged with dui, homicide by a motor vehicle while intoxicated and manslaughter by motor vehicle. if you plan on buying 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, five gold rings account for most of the cost increase. $5,500 for a performance. there's a note of caution for those who would buy it all
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online. it'd cost about $10,000 more, largely because of the shipping cost for the birds. really? >> i just need an ipod. the timonium fairgrounds were closed for the holidays. a 9-year-old little girl thought she found a rock, but it turned out to be a find worthy of the smithsonian. the sun beginning to come up across baltimore. 54 degrees right now. noticeably cooler tonight. we'll talk about that and when you're likely to see rain out there. details straight ahead. we have smooth traffic around the area. no incidents on the beltway, 95 or the tunnels or on the harrisburg expressway. we have several hazards on the beltway. let's get a check of the buses and trains with mark jones. >> reporter: look for the number
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36 bus to be diverted. using alameda due to construction. we have a water main break repair on charles street affecting the we are one bus. you'll find a heavy volume of passengers on 13, 7 and 19 bus lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. warm pillsbury cookies
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it is 6:41. we have the latest on the four officers shot and killed at a coffee house in washington state. the suspect is a career criminal. right now, police may have him surrounded in seattle. the president is going to tell us this week how many troops he will be sending into afghanistan and when he plans on bringing them home. abc2 will be hearing his primetime address wednesday night. a water main break has your plans flooded out if you're on south charles in hamburg.
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how long this is going to be this way. all right, thanks for joining us on this monday morning. let's get a check on your weather. >> hey megan and jamie. time to check in. what we're watching is changes in the weather as of this monday. right now you're looking pretty good outside. morning commute not bad. going to stay dry across baltimore. rain building into the west right now. we're watching it push its way into western maryland. the forecast today, a changing day of weather. with cloudy, rainy conditions by noon. temperatures falling off through the day. right now in the low 50s. it's about as warm as we get today because of clouds and cooler winds blowing in our direction. we'll talk more about the extended outlook and when the sunshine comes back. not too far away. first a check of your morning roads. >> we'll get to traffic in just a second. we want to talk about a new week in the dixon trial. >> jurors head back to delineate
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-- deliberate the fate of the mayor. a new push by baltimore city police to get criminals off the street and they want your help. a 9-year-old girl thought she found a rock, instead it was an ancient artifact. it's on its way to the smithsonian. i was proud of them. there were other situations where we didn't win. i was proud of them in a situation where we did win. >> he's proud. it was a nail-biter last night at the bank, but we stayed up late and it was worth it. >> black friday is over, today is equally as important. it's cyber monday. coming up: what retailers are doing to entice shoppers.
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monday morning, the last day of november. what are you writing down? >> wyatt wanted us to buy him something. a full-length duster. you know, one of those $199.99.
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>> between that and the dolly parton t-shirt you got me-- >> these are sales you scoop them up. let's look at our forecast and we'll run down the news for you. >> jamie, you have such an eye for gifts. it's incredible. you'll have to teach me the art of the gift warrior. uh, catonsville right now, 53. gusting to 15 miles per hour. kind of windy out there. big front pushing out of the west. see it lining up here. this will mean wet weather for us. next couple hours will be dry out there. not a bad day to do your cyber monday shopping. it'll be a mess toward the middle part of the day. temperatures go downhill tonight. good time to stay in. cool weather out of the west. only to 50 or so tomorrow. best chance for rain towards lunch time. could be a little messy. rain clears out this evening pretty quickly.
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in its place, chilly weather. could be flurries in pennsylvania towards tomorrow morning. don't think we'll see anything here. again today's forecast, 52. cloudy, rain, watch out for those chilly temps. thanks a lot, wyatt. we have a crash reported this morning near the junction of westbound route 50 and northbound 97. aside from that, traffic is moving nicely along the major roadways. just road hazards on the scene to let you know about. in baltimore, charles street closed due to a water main break. burglar national pike, winters lane. you'll see traffic lights out in both directions. crews on the scene trying to repair those downed poles and wires. intersection remains closed. laurel, whiskey bottom road, brock bridge road. the intersection continues to be closed there as well. jfx northern parkway, traffic looks great in both directions. jamie and megan, back to you.
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they ate their turkey and stuffing and are back to talk about the mayor. >> this is the sixth day the jurors will distribute in the theft trial of mayor sheila dixon. it could be the day they decide her fate. who knows? linda sow has more. >> reporter: it's been exactly three weeks since this trial began. jurors will be back at it again this morning after returning from the long holiday weekend. court wasn't in session last thursday and friday for the thanksgiving break. on wednesday, mayor dixon's attorneys argued yet again for a mistrial saying the amount of evidence in the case has jurors confused. before leaving last week, jurors watched testimony from developer patrick turner. lobbyist mary pat quinn. a developer following the case says it could be a sign the jury is close to a verdict. >> you can't read with accuracy what a jury is saying, but you can put different pieces together. the fact we're on the wednesday before thanksgiving and this
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jury isn't looking for an easy way out, tells me that this particular issue is one of the final pieces of disagreement on this jury. >> reporter: and before leaving last week, the judge told jurors not to discuss this case with anyone or tune into any media reports. deliberations will get underway again this morning at 9:00 a.m. >> thanks, linda. abc2 news will be in the courtroom waiting for the verdict. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. be sure to watch all day long. when you can't catch us on television, get us online 24/7 at students at river hill high school will be coming back to school this morning to really rough news. their classmate, 17-year-old steven dankos died in a car crash early yesterday morning. the driver, 22-year-old david erdman may have been drunk when he flipped his pick-up truck on folly quarter road. dankos died at the scene.
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the driver and another passenger were treated for minor injuries. >> as far as you know, the person driving, that boy's going to have punishment enough. i lost my heart. and i don't know how you get through that one. >> david erdman will be charged with dui, homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated and manslaughter by motor vehicle. an assistant coach says dankos helped river hill win the last two high school state championships. last night at m&t bank stadium, keep the drive moving. field goal to tie it up. overtime, i don't care weather terry hanratty was quarterback yesterday. nails it 29 yards out. ravens win it in overtime, 20-17. >> keep fighting. work hard and uh, you know, when
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i'm in there in the game, make the best of every opportunity i can. >> we did a great job coming out, getting off to a fast start. stabling the fact we're here to go. we kept it going the whole game. >> ray rice had a nice game on the ground. 129 yards receiving. joe flacco's injury, his injured ankle all over the broadcast yesterday. ravens now 6-and-5. there is plenty of talk today. let's look at this: baltimore city metro crime stoppers say they're making it easier for you to report crimes now. people can report suspects by sending text messages or logging online. saturday the naacp passed out 3,000 fliers in hopes that people will help them track down two rapists in the city's east side. organizers are hoping to catch the two men. >> we're asking people to bring people with them to the bus
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stop. get more accurately involved in the community. to really look out for what's happening in this part of town that a lot of women are being assaulted. we just need men to be on the watchout. unfortunately we have two guys doing bad things. the craziness that was black friday is after the fact now. shoppers are headed to their computers. >> the easier way to do it. today is cyber monday, you can get great deals if you're buying present online. sherrie johnson ran into our studio to give us this report. >> black friday may be over, but today is just as important with cyber monday. for some people, online shopping is the way to go. it keeps you out of the mall and you can enjoy the comforts of shopping at your computer. the term cyber monday accounts for all of those workers who shop online the first monday
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after thanksgiving. many retailers have a special promotion just for monday's online shoppers. recent data by the research from com score shows sales up 11%. thanks to promotions the week leading into the thanksgiving weekend. >> i've seen retailers recognize this as the only lure they can use. they'll be testing prices at all kinds of discounts. >> if you're looking to shop online but don't know where to start, try out this will direct you to over 500 retailers online with sales. it is 6:54. she thought she'd just found a rock, but a 9-year-old maryland girl found a 100 million-year-old bone at a laurel dinosaur park. gabrielle block was visiting the park last month when she was
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helping paleontologists sift trough all the dirt. she says she picked up something that at first looked like a rock. it turned out to be a bone. it was a vertebrae from a raptor's tail. >> i got a handful and started through and it looked to me. >> i was impressed. as far as i know, it was her first time fossil hunting. so most people just see rocks, they can't tell a bone from a rock. >> now it's on its way to the smithsonian. kudos to her. check this out: oreo magic got mixed up with the christmas magic. the event benefits more than 13,000 maryland kids with brain and spinal cord injuries. the festival raised more than $12 million for research, patient care education, as well as community programs since it
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started. oriole hall of famer cal ripken jr. shared one of his favorite stories with kids, how the grinch stole christmas. let's recap your weather. 52 today. temperatures falling this afternoon. rain moves out of the west. chilly night on tap. down to 34 by tomorrow morning. your outlook here. temperature-wise in the low 50s. sunny day coming up on tuesday. we just have one crash to let you know about in the area. near cape st. clair and westbound lanes of route 50. crash has lots of debris in the roadway. we're out of time on this monday morning. we're going to send you to new york for good morning america. [talking simultaneously]
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